Welcome back

Hello year five and welcome back to the blog.

For your homework the other day you wrote some wonderful stories about the picture below. Now is your chance to share them with every-one else.


It was an ordinary night, but this was no ordinary town. This was Strange Town.

During the day, everything was quiet. It came alive at night.

Now that darkness had fallen, and a silvery, pale crescent moon and millions of twinkling stars gazed down from above, people gradually began to emerge from their houses. But…were they people at all? They certainly didn’t look like people. They were like their houses: all sorts of shapes and sizes. Irregular. Odd.

Passers-by always ‘tut-tutted’ as they passed Strange Town, not understanding its ways or its inhabitants. One thing could be said of the goings on in Strange Town, however: there was never a dull moment…

Why are Indian and Pakistan good at cricket?

Hi Year Five, Welcome back. This term we are going to be looking at India and Pakistan and how the British used to rule these countries. Britain used to have a large empire and we will be looking at how this empire changed Britain and the countries that we used to rule. We will be studying Ghandi and how he helped gain independence from Britain using peaceful measures. What change would you make? Mrs. Comber and Miss Cross

Space the final frontier

Hello and welcome year five to a brand new year.

We have a busy year ahead of us and I hope we can have a lot of fun along the way.

This term we are going to be investigating space, not literally unfortunately. We will be finding out what stars are; why Earth is the only planet, that we know of, to have life on it; why we have day, night and the seasons and who WIlliam Crabtree was.

In literacy we are going to be writing our own science fiction stories which we are going to make into books for other people to read. We will aslo be taking part in a poetry competition. I hope that we will be able to share these poems with other people on our blog as well.

I hope you enjoy our journey into space and beyond.
Remember Miss. Cross and I are always happy to find out what you have been getting upto outside school. Share your achievements with us here and in class.
Mrs. Comber and Miss Cross

This could be…

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